Chantix Lawsuit and Litigation News

One Step Closer to Chantix Lawsuit Settlements

Chantix Lawsuit Settlements Expected

Individuals who have filed Chantix lawsuits against pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, the manufacturer of Chantix, are getting closer to reaching a settlement. Chantix is a controversial drug meant to assist smokers in quitting cigarettes.

Multi-District Litigation for Chantix Lawsuits

It was announced this month that around 1,200 Chantix lawsuits have been centralized under MDL (multi-district litigation) that will be overseen by U.S. District Judge Inge Johnson in Birmingham, Alabama. Legal experts predict that the number of Chantix lawsuits filed in federal court and subject to MDL consolidation will top 2,000 before the earliest cases are sent back to the courts where they were first filed, or before a settlement is reached with Pfizer.

A sole Birmingham lawyer is acting as lead counsel for all of the plaintiffs who have initiated a Chantix lawsuit in federal court. He believes that the first of these cases are likely to reach trial in 2012 unless a Chantix settlement is reached first. It is quite common for lawsuits undergoing multidistrict litigation to be settled out of court before reaching trial, so Chantix lawsuit settlements may be reached much sooner than 2012.

However, it is expected that Judge Johnson will send one or several of the Chantix lawsuits to trial as “bellwether cases” whose results could have an effect on plaintiffs whose cases are still pending. They may be influenced by the verdicts of earlier trials to either abandon or stick with their own lawsuits, and Pfizer may be persuaded by the bellwether case verdicts to offer an out-of-court settlement. The total amount of Chantix lawsuit settlements could possibly add up to a billion dollars or more.

Pfizer Shows No Sign of a Chantix Lawsuit Settlement

As the early stages of multidistrict litigation continue, Pfizer has given no indication that a Chantix settlement is in the works. The company released a statement on January 7, 2011, which indicates that they believe they have acted properly while developing and marketing the drug. Chantix has been found to cause psychological side effects such as depression, suicide, and violently aggressive behavior. There are also physical side effects from Chantix that can include diabetes, Stevens-Johnson syndrome, or “Chantix blackouts” which can lead to injuries serious enough to require a hospital stay.

According to Pfizer’s statement, “Chantix is an effective treatment option for many smokers who wish to quit, and we intend to defend this important medication.”

Weighing the Dangers of Cigarettes versus Chantix Side Effects

One thing both plaintiffs and Pfizer can agree on is that Chantix is effective. Clinical trials definitively demonstrated that Chantix successfully mimics the effect of nicotine on the brain and assists smokers who wish to quit. However studies have also proven that the drug is a serious psychiatric risk for users who have a track record of mental health issues, as well as those with no history of mental illness.

Pfizer continues to fight the Chantix lawsuits, but in time it may be in the best interests of all concerned for a Chantix lawsuit settlement to be reached.

Chantix Lawsuit: A Peaceful Musician With a Violent Death

Chantix, which is estimated to be one of the most effective smoking cessation aids on the market, is a prescription pill that uses varenicline to bind to nicotine receptors in the brain, therefore stifling cravings that smokers have for cigarettes. This seems safe and effective, until you take a closer look – Chantix, despite appearances, is one of the most dangerous side effects on the market due in part to its tendency to increase aggressiveness in patients. This side effect is a threat not only to Chantix users but also to those who come in contact with them and is only one of several dangerous side effects to the drug.

Many people who have been harmed by Chantix have been forced to file a lawsuit against the brand in order to collect compensation for their suffering and related expenses. Studies have shown that not only is Chantix dangerous, but varenicline poses twice as much of a risk of aggressive behavior than any other drug on the market. Three million Americans have been prescribed Chantix, and a significant number of them have experienced increased aggressiveness as a side effect of the medication.

One of the people affected by this was Carter Albrecht, keyboardist for the pop group Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians. Albrecht and his girlfriend, Ryann Rathbone, started taking the drug together in an effort to stop smoking. In the summer of 2007, after having taken Chantix, both Albrecht and Rathbone began to experience vivid nightmares. A few days after being prescribed the medication, Albrecht began to hallucinate and physically abused his girlfriend – something he had never done before.

Albrecht was shot in the head by a neighbor after he was found ranting and screaming on his girlfriend’s back porch after she had locked him out of the house due to his violent behavior. The shot was meant to be a warning shot, and the neighbor was not charged, but Albrecht was killed and his family has filed a lawsuit against the parent company of Chantix, Pfizer, over the incident.